July 8, 2013

Travelling is Priceless

When you make a trip, plan a big event, etc sometimes cost does not matter. We like to be on a budget even when we travel but our latest trip was out of the ordinary. Must I mention that lately we have not travelled well as a family, from me being sick to blowouts on trailers, etc.

The last trip:

4.5 tanks of diesel - $$$
Landscape rock that landed on the windshield that will have to be replaced - $$
Fancy hotel and overpriced steak dinner - $$
Purchasing what we left at home - $$

Finally arriving at our destination to enjoy family, friends, food and am amazing fireworks display - Priceless


Getting a stop for diesel, lunch and bathroom breaks with the kids down to 14 minutes - Priceless

Our travels may be getting better. By the end of summer we're going to be pros at travelling across the state and all the others!

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