April 9, 2015

Deep Thinking

It has come time for a serious update. We are no longer the little house or red barn on the horizon. We've become a growing operation and built a house. I've updated about us and made a few changes to become passionate about blogging again.

Many days we burn the midnight oil in ranch projects, feeding, homework, laundry and playing catchup, but the stories and daily trials continue. I have a lot of pictures and stories that I intend to share about our life, some good eats or deep thinking.

Speaking of deep thinking or breathing, I think they go hand in hand. Several weeks ago I travelled to my home outside of Bryan, TX, for a family wedding shower. While there I planned to visit a school friend of mine who operates her own yoga studio: Om Grown Yoga and Tea Bar. My first thought was, hey, I'm in pretty good shape and I've done a little piyo, surely I can handle this. Then fear set in of what do I wear. I'm pretty sure these people won't appreciate my usual gym attire in the middle of the day. The few and far between trips to the gym in the wee morning consist of cloths that double as appropriate to feed in. I purchased real yoga capris if that's what you call them just for this visit. And then I even got seen in public before and after. Talk about stepping out of my comfort zone. I prepared for this day for weeks.

It started with a hair appointment to find a style for a future wedding, then to yoga where I'd meet the newest addition to our family for some girl time. What a great way to spend some quiet time together, trying not to laugh at each other or ourselves. Let's just say Lexi is an amazing yoga instructor. The class was a challenge, encouraged deep breathing and let me take a break from the crazy world we live in. I instantly fell in love with yoga. We then enjoyed brunch in downtown with a Texas Mimosa, Lone Star Beer always reminds me of my daddy.

Last event for that day was ice skating with Tana. I wasted a few dollars for skates on myself, and after going half way in the rink with two large road cones and then back to the end, I was done. Between yoga and figuring out I'm too old to want to fall, it was much more exciting to watch Tana meet new friends and gain a lot of confidence on the ice. This one day was unlike any other I've had and provided a refreshing, renewing feeling that will hold me over for a while.

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