April 14, 2015

Part 1 - What Keeps me Organized

I recently saw a Pinterest link for a diy family planner. After trying three other calendar systems this year, I resorted to a three ring binder and have made my own planner. Before I share that, and since this binder came first, I want to introduce my house binder.

This is part one of how I stay organized. Many years ago I decided the traditional recipe card method was not for me. I typed recipes, cut out and taped others and added them to this binder. I call it my house binder, bevause it is not just a recipe book.

It is a place to store ideas. Maybe I tore out a quilt from a picture in a magazine that we would love to have made. Secretly I want to make it myself. There may also be a necklace design or two, and maybe a book title. In a moment of weakness this week I was searching for beef crockpot recipes. Once I consulted the binder, I found plenty that I had cut out already. I also love to use and weekly menu and grocery list.

We each have a different way of staying organized, no one system works for everyone, and it may take years to perfect.

Head on over to the Good Eats page and I will tell you what was in the crockpot today.

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