May 18, 2015

Rain is a Good Thing

Rain is a good thing, rain makes corn and corn makes whiskey. But, rain makes people eating mosquitoes too!

We have been very blessed with several inches of rain over the last couple of weeks. While we need a break to dry up, every time it rains we begin to increase our estimated hay production!

Rotation is the key to our operation. We move and sort cattle more often than not. We might see a few heifers that need a little more feed than the older cows while producing milk, or might have a heifer springing, or showing signs that she will calve soon.

All of our pastures are saturated. We took a quick trip out by four wheeler to check a set and here are a few pictures.

Getting a little deep!

Who knew you could make wake in a Playa lake! Lake Williams continues to rise.

In the far distance of the picture below is the herd we checked on. Our calves are learning how to swim. We think this is swamp ranching!

And a picture from last week of penning a heifer that calved. Free spa quality mudbath!

There are pros and cons to this much rain. Number one con is the swarms of mosquitoes that have already formed! Much more rain in the forecast to come in the extended forecast. At least we are getting a break from mowing until it dries up.

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