September 13, 2015

Projects Around the Ranch

Each year we set a list of goals for the year, items that we need, and projects to complete. Many of these we plan to do in the summer and then sometimes it's just too hot to get them all accomplished. Right now the weather is beautiful and it is allowing us to finish up some outdoor projects....but we must begin the annual preparation for winter.

First - our house is finally complete. We have finished the concrete work out front, planted more grass, and had more caliche delivered. Now I'm just waiting for mums to come out so that I can fill a few flower pots!

Next - we have been digging holes, setting posts and finishing up a few pens that we've put off for other projects. Each of these pens will be important this winter. We're a little concerned about the El Nino weather pattern and the possible snow/ice that will come along. This makes us prepare well ahead of time. We'll rotate and sort cows depending on how they are bred, when they are due to calve and which ones will require close watch. We'll also need a good space for the show heifers, bred heifers and the growing horse herd that we have this fall. That will be another blog post later!

Another item finished up - yesterday we finished up breeding our fall set. Ten heifers bred and raised by use that we kept as replacement heifers. The commercial heifers were bred to high percentage Maine bulls and the Angus were bred back to Angus. We're very excited to see these calves in June 2016. We bred, calve, wean and rotate year round. It's not the way everyone does it, but it keeps a variety of ages of show heifers born year round.

Last on the list for the weekend - stocking the firewood racks around the place...there are several. We try to do this ahead of time so that when the first snow sneaks around the corner, we are set and ready.

Just one of the many beautiful views from the ranch.

It has been a very eventful summer and there are lots of stories to share and things to talk about. I will be blogging more often and updating you all on our path! Check the new recipe that I made at midnight Friday night!

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