October 19, 2015

The Smallest Decisions

I've been waking much earlier than usual, maybe even hours before my alarm even goes off. We have lots of projects going on and have had lots of changes in our daily lives. I find the early morning hours as time to catch up, do an extra load of laundry, register calves, and prepare for the day.
Today I am reminded of this quote:
Sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.
Keri Russell

In the future I'll post more about some of the changes that have been happening, but for now another project!
If we could go back from the beginning and count how many holes, loads of concrete, posts, clips, rolls of wire, pairs of gloves, blisters, pliers, hours, and the smallest decisions that have gone into building our ranch, it would be a story to tell. For now, we are counting down the projects to finish. All the while we know there may be new projects in the future!


After the posts were set we neatly lined it with panels, chopped the tall pieces off and are waiting to have gates measured and put up. This pen has a row of feed bunks and we're excited to have an extra place to sort cattle this winter. We tend to micromanage in the winter, but with cows beginning to calve in February...it's cold, the water is frozen, there is hay to put out, and we check the cows often to see who will calve next.

Of course you have to take a break during every project. Ryan was target practicing! 

Here is to an awesome Monday, a great week, the downhill side of October and preparing for a very busy time of year! Don't forget that the small decisions make just as big of an impact as the big ones.

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