January 23, 2017

Control, Alt, Delete....

There are times in life when it is important to reset. Pushing the control, alt, delete buttons. Regrouping mentally and physically. Finding your way. Setting new hopes, dreams and goals.

I needed the last year and probably most of this year to find my way. I was never lost, but never knew my way. Full of ideas and dreams, and even a few written plans, but never a clear path. It's been a rough year on so many levels. And just when you look in the mirror and tell yourself it will get better, it really doesn't. I would tell myself if we could get through this project, or these three months of changes, it would be sailing. But in all reality something else pops up and you continue on the crazy whirlwind of life.

What's happened in the last year - I learned to homeschool, then I took a new job. Ryan's company sold and he has a new employer. We jumped off big and have nine head in the show pen. The kids are a year older, wiser and busier. Ryan and I are one year older, our marriage has survived another year and we get grouchier on occasion! Another year went by that we didn't accomplish getting any closer to our hopes and dreams.

I have a quote on a piece of wood in our bedroom -

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass.

Usually this ends in...it's about dancing in rain. Instead I look at is as....it's getting a plan to weather the storm. I've had to tell myself to pull myself together this year, pull us all together. Get over the storm, get a plan, and make this year count as one step closer to our hopes and dreams. (On another note, we are at day 8 of no power at home!)

This outlook on life is probably the only reason I was able to put a smile on my face in the Ft. Worth Open Show with a heifer literally facing the opposite direction. She wasn't cooperating with my plan, but it was still one step closer to our hopes and dreams.

Look forward to blogging more, sharing a laugh, a cry and a serious thought. Lots of plans for 2017!

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