Hello everyone, I created this blog to share my thoughts, stories, photos and just in general voice my opinion. Ryan and I met in a fairy tale story, if it includes building fence, roping wild calves, digging holes, and comparing whose hands are rougher...not to mention feet.

A lot has changed since the blog began and it was time for an update. While we will always have new projects, goals and expansions, it's time to focus on what gets us through the day.

We have two children, Tate and Tana, and a lot of animals. After seven years of marriage, Ryan and I built our 'dream' home in the spot we knew it would always sit. Five years of bunkhouse living and a baby (Tana) it was time for more space.

We don't post everything, there are just some things that don't need to be shared....like what comes out of our mouths while working cattle, or when laundry pieces are stained with bleach, or what may have caused a check engine light to come on. Ryan and I have very strong beliefs in the way we live our lives ranging from God to education to politics to having matching socks. We are a rural, agricultural family that started from a blank piece of land and turned it into an operation. You can catch us hunting or at least practicing, working cattle and tending to our property. At the end of a long day we're usually in the kitchen or by the grill.

In the process we both work full time to provide for our family included the four-legged, which tends to create a few stories along the way. Days run long and tensions can run high on a small timeframe, but we wouldn't change a thing. Stubborn or hard headed are words that many people have used to describe us...so you can imagine how hard it can be to agree when we disagree, just like the theory on colors and numbers of ear tags or how to load the dishwasher.

It all began as Little House on the Horizon, a young couple getting married, digging post holes and a lot of work while raising young children in a barn. Now the kids are older and the house isn't as little but the life still goes on!