December 22, 2011

Remember Who You Are - Guest Post

“Remember who you are and where you come from.” My sweet daddy branded this on my forehead and anytime I left the house, he repeated this. You see, my dad was and still is well known throughout the states of Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi, because of being a successful business man. From childhood to high school, college and beyond I always lived with knowing that I couldn't do anything out of character because there is always someone nearby that knows my daddy. In essence my daddy was saying; don’t do anything you don’t want me to find out about, don’t embarrass me because someone is watching, don’t get in trouble, don’t make me come and find you.

With that said, there have been some funny occasions that led us throughout the state, or elsewhere and somebody asks how my dad is doing – there he is again, somebody still knows my daddy. Another time, I had a job interview in downtown Houston, went to lunch with the person that interviewed me and before I had gotten home, my dad had already been told of my lunch because someone in the restaurant knew him, (it was not funny at the time), but we can chuckle about it now.

My sister and I took this one step further and have branded it on Matt, Andy and Katy from day one of their childhood and beyond. They did not leave the house or the ranch without reminding them to remember who they were, because there would always be someone that knew who they were. There is not a show barn that my nephews go to without somebody knowing them and relationships they made as young boys become very valuable as businessmen. The cattle that Katy and Ryan have purchased recently became open to them because of who she is, where she came from and who she knows.

So jumping forward, my grandchildren are going to be reminded that their parents are respected community leaders and business owners and will once again get the brand on their forehead from their great-grandfather that says “remember who you are and where you come from”, because somebody knows who you are. I know they are growing up, fast, but they need to be taught to be proud of who they are, the characters that are to be formed and that they are valuable…..never hurts to remind them! Start now….even if it sounds like a “warning” to some, it worked for 3 generations from a sweet man with a thunderous voice. -- Lee Ann Scasta

Like mother like daughter - read on the family page about being proud of who you are and our lesson at home this morning.

And I'll be taking a break over the Christmas holiday so it may be a few days before I write again!

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  1. To those I love and hold dear,

    I have just read the post by Lee Ann about "remember who you are and where you are from". Now it can be told, I did not originate this phrase. As a student of Polytechnic High School in Fort Worth, Texas, 1944-1948, my principal was C. A. Thompson, a man of character, integrity, principles and honor and is revered to this day by all who remember him as one who believed every student under his charge was "some one" and that he or she mattered and that each could be anything they chose to be. He did not use his favorite phrase as a threat but to encourage everyone within earshot to think before taking any action, and to remember. there are responsibilities and consequences for your action or words.

    I am proud to be the parent of my two daughters, they have surpassed all expectations and I am proud of the person they have become. Needless to say our grandchildren have grown up "not far from the tree trunk" and have developed into people of character, integrity, principles and honor, and I love them all very much.

    Daddy Thad & Grandfather PaPa