December 9, 2011

It's Not All About You - A Must Read Guest Post

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

I recently was in our breakroom at work for a meeting regarding the move of our offices. Naturally, I was thinking about the impact this move was going to have on me, extra miles to drive every day, leave home much earlier, etc. So, I sat down in a random spot to listen about the pending move and I looked down at the table and the paper in front of me said “It’s not always about you!”. I was floored, my mouth opened, I wondered if management had put this at every place on the table. Looking around, it was only in front of ME.

Like a huge slap in the face because I was throwing my own pity party, I read the paper in front of me. It is written by John Cuff and in part it says……“Someone once told me that the secret to being humble is remembering that it’s not all about you. “It’s” meaning is the world, the day, the conversation, the traffic jam, etc. In order to really believe it’s not all about you, you have to believe that everyone is more interesting than you. The person who cleans your office, the guy next to you in traffic, the businessman who sits next to you on a plane….EVERYONE. “Stop being so interesting and start focusing on being interested.”

Most of the people you encounter in an average day are only going to be there for a second or a minute. You’ve only got a moment to hear their story, a second to pause your busy life long enough to hear about somebody else’s. Your access is incredibly limited, they are more interesting than you. What about the people we see all the time? Coworkers, friends, family members, why are they so interesting? Because you already know your stories. You’ve heard them a dozen times. But the coworker that is sarcastic and negative, you know that person? He is going to tell you how he’s doing because he’s exhausted carrying his story alone. It’s heavy and he’d gladly share the load with you if you weren’t so focused on thinking it’s all about you….it’s not. And if you’ll ask people a question, more often than not they’ll tell you a story that will blow you away or make you laugh or cry. Because people are more interesting than you.”

WOW-I needed that. I’ve been concentrating on myself lately because of medical issues, so I needed a re-adjustment! I think at this time of year, when we have lots to do and manage, that there comes a time that we have to stop and remember that It’s not always about you, and focus on what is important, our God, our country, our family and friends. Be interested in others in 2012! - Lee Ann Scasta

(Note: my mother is one of the strongest people I know, and while battling with a worn-out, over-worked, not-cooperating foot that she finally had surgery on, she still takes care of everyone else near and far!)

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