December 12, 2011

Coyotes in the Yard

I am telling you, they are in the yard, literally! The other night Ryan walked out on the front porch to do what all men in the country do…and they took off just yards away from him. So yet again, I have declared war on the coyotes, and we will be sighting in a few other rifles so that we are ready any time, any place!

But I’m going to get a little deeper here. Between having coyotes around the house and barns, dog kennels and cows, and between a great church service I attended on Wednesday…are there coyotes in our own lives. Meaning coyote in the terms of someone that is an enemy, someone that has underlying motives, or even someone that befriends us for the wrong reason.  

Most of my deep thinking either occurs in the truck between dropping Tana off and getting to work (quiet time), or while putting on my makeup. It’s not that I don’t like having people close to me, but I am very cautious. So my theory is: keep the coyotes out of the yard and out of your life!!


  1. I have a gun that shoots really straight, it travels well too :)

  2. For the four-legged or two-legged!!!!