May 6, 2010

Differences Between My Cows and Yours

Some of you may know and some may not, but my dad is not a huge supporter of having old show cows in the pasture, I think he loves cows, just not spoiled ones. For one, they have no clue what a horse is...and could care less. You might as well grab a bucket of feed and a halter to move them, etc. I understand this now. We needed to run our herd through the pens to put pour-on took both Ryan and I...and we finally had to get in and twist each of their tails before they would move through the pens. I'm sure it took forever, especially compared to the steers we've just worked that flew through the chute like they were being chased by a lion. I love them anyway, I love being able to feed and walk through a calm herd. Sadie still lets me scratch on her and the others are learning.

Last night we found out Tana does NOT like tuna salad, I think she gagged. She ate spaghetti instead, the same stuff she wouldn't eat on Tuesday night. Crazy girl can't make her mind up. Thankfully she enjoyed the lemon poppy seed muffins we had for breakfast.

Also, my beans and okra have sprouted!!! I had been checking to see if they germinated and they did. New crops for this year, I'll report on how they do.

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