May 14, 2010

Friday Again

Somehow now that it's Friday it seems as though this week flew by. Or maybe that's because we've had so much going on, we can't remember what we did yesterday. Sorting a few calves and regular chores this weekend. It's raining right now and there are pluses and minuses. Plus is I don't have to water my garden or the newly planted trees. Minus would be I just sprayed for bugs and I'm sure the mosquitoes will be back in full force when it warms up. Hope everyone has a great weekend, if you haven't seen the latest and cutest pictures of Tana, go to Kaylene Ball's blog, it's linked on my page, and click on photos, this will take you to her albums and there's one of Tana!!! They are amazing.

Here's another picture of one of my newest creations.

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