May 10, 2010

No Garden Hats in the Panhandle

So for Mother's Day Ryan decided I needed trees. Sunday we planted 7 trees after drawing a diagram on where they would go. Way to technical for me. It did not take long for me to realize why I haven't seen anyone else in the Texas Panhandle wearing a garden hat. Depending on how I stood, the wind had plastered the hat to my face, covered my eyes or flipped it over my head...and I had the thing tied as tight as possible under my chin. Just trying to keep the sun off of me...and my hair out of the way. I will research other ways of doing this and save my garden hat for a day when the wind doesn't blow...hum, that just about never happens.

Story from Ryan!!! He went to check on our calves one seemed sick, he's been sick for a day or so...Ryan takes the medicine, etc. As he gets out of the truck the calf just lays there. (I can picture this in my mind so clearly) Ryan sits on the calf and gives him the shot. Tate loved it, thought that was one of the greatest things he'd ever seen. (Again, in my mind I have to give this a twist. I can only imagine the calf jumping up and taking off, leaving Ryan to hang on or get off!!!). All the calves are doing great, we have one heifer left to calve any time and we'll see if Bubba is going to be a legend or not by producing all heifers.

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