July 19, 2010

Eventful Weekend

Every day is eventful around our house...but we had a lot going on this weekend. Including staying outside for 30 extra minutes until I could get the nerve up to catch a frog. Some of you may remember, but I actually owned a pet frog for a long time, not sure why this was so hard. Ryan says I picked an athletic one, he hopped around forever until I caught him. The calves that we bought have settle in well with the ones we already had. They are all getting along and growing, and only 1 of the heifers has gone through the fence. They will catch on to the proper behavior around our place because I will stand there until they come to me with a feed bucket until they know where and how to stand. Wow, the art of disciplining cattle!!! It's a great Monday and the start to another marathon week of Kids College, today slimy science!!!

Speaking of marathon, not sure if I shared my 1 mile run a week or so ago, but last night I decided to run again, this time Bunk, our dog, went with me. We ran 1 1/2 miles last night, if I can still walk by the end of the day I will run 2 miles and maybe by the end of next week 3 miles. I'm trying to see before the deadline if I could possibly run a 5K!!!! Ryan says I must have hit an early mid life crisis!!!! I'm also thinking what a way to get in shape and loose some weight!!!

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