February 15, 2011

Future Show Heifers

Promise to take pictures this weekend as I know we will already be building on a recordbook...but this past weekend was an introduction to halter breaking. Boy have I forgotten what it actually takes, not to mention one of the heifers (Heifer 011) we are working with is a little big/old to start the process, but she is not mean and seems to be learning quickly. Heifer number 013 was not happy about the process and needless to say will not be returning to the pen. Heifer number 014 was brought in on Sunday and she seems to be okay with the whole thing, except being tied up..or touched...she's had a rough life. Will need to clip her head and examine her jaw as she injured it as a baby.

So back to Heifer 011...great Sadie's granddaughter, has now been tied up, combed, touched, and set up with just two days of working with them. Tate is very curious on how this process is going to work and when they won't be mad anymore. I've assured him that I will not put him on the end of the halter until they are ready...he's just so stinking skinny!!!! I've convinced myself that my hands will be rough for the rest of my life. Not like that's an issue, but between daily work/chores and now slick nylon ropes, I'll just give up!!!

Another of Tate's favorite things...shooting his .22. This weekend we let him do a little more exciting target practicing...on a few rotten pieces of fruit. Talk about teaching him what a bullet will do to something. We all had fun!!

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