March 30, 2011

Our Photo Shoot

So all last week I planned to spend several hours taking photos of and with Tate. Thinking it would be tons of fun, we haven't really broken out the camera he got for Christmas. And the weather was awful, it was cold, dreary, cloudy, misty, etc.. But here are a few great shots out of the 150 I took. And at some point I'll remember to bring Tate's camera so that you can see what photos he took!

Standing in the ditch in front of the neighbors wheat field!!! On a nice pretty day I thought it would be beautiful...instead you the fog in the background!

Just as handsome as his daddy.

Taking picture of the cows.

Happy with what he got!

And shutting the gate, as he does so well...because we were tired of the awful weather. We then retreated to the barn to see what would stand still.

Check out the critters, as we found many in our short time taking pictures.

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