April 28, 2011

I Laughed

Many of you may know that I follow other people's blogs as well. People who inspire me, give me great ideas and make me laugh. I laugh at them, enjoy their comments and then laugh more at people who comment on their blogs. But you all should visit this blog. A Christian mother, businesswoman, photographer, chef, and much more, who had a blog post get way out of hand with comments. The end of the story is keeping things in perspective. I think that's what I was actually trying to accomplish the other day on the weight / children issue.

Everyone has their own perspective. Everyone has their own causes to support or issues that they find most important. And last but not least, it's not a matter not having enough time, it's a matter of fitting what's important to you in time that you have. No two people will have the same list. Yes, I would love to do more, be in more places and support more causes, but I can pretty much tell you on one hand the most important areas of my life and where I will spend my time. I admire those who can spread themselves out so much, but I wouldn't pass up feeding cattle every evening with the kids. That's my time to smile, learn, watch and be proud!!!


  1. Katy,
    I read that this morning, too. I think it's so sad/ridiculous that people freak out about what she says. I'm like WHO CARES?! Read her blog, don't read her blog...either way, get a life and stop obsessing over her and her pregnant cat!!!!

  2. I wonder at times how you got so wise....because I know at your age with a 2 year old, I didn't think or know about things (life) like you do now. To you and Lacy both, I give you high marks and lots of credit for being great moms and not freaking out about things.