May 11, 2011

What a Morning

Uh oh…I was suddenly woken early this morning to thunder and lightning, but no rain. I panicked (evidentially more than I was aware of), flew out of bed and tip-toed to the front door, where I sat for thirty minutes. Once it started to sprinkle and the fear of grass fires dissolved…I quietly crawled back into bed. Only then did I find a husband not so happy to see me. Ryan says that when I flew out of bed…I said, “Honey, its lightning.” He says, “Ok.” And then I said, “Don’t you remember yesterday...” And I stormed off.

Yesterday we had a terrible storm roll through, and if you’re reading this and living anywhere are me, I’m not dreaming, there were a few claps of thunder and fires started by lightening. That’s all it produced! So we are celebrating the much needed shower!!! The kids can get their mud boots out, I think they forgot what they were even supposed to be used for.

We are on about night four that I've done something...or moved...or flopped like a fish in Ryan's about fed up with sleeping with me!

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