June 24, 2011

Birds and a New Tree

We have planted hundreds of trees around the place, and today there are only four of the original trees planted three years ago. Of eight larger trees planted last year, they all died and new seedlings are coming up from the bottom. So what did Ryan use his birthday money on?

A new tree...the largest tree we've ever purchased, but only about eight feet tall. It's planted right near the bunkhouse. Luckily the day we planted it the weather was beautiful...then the next day was a furnace with winds blowing 60 mph. After several t-posts and rope to stake the tree, it's seems to be surviving. We've never had birds, since we've never had trees over three foot tall. But the new tree offers some shade and the birds have moved in. A quote from Ryan, "I really like the birds, except for the obnoxious ones." Too funny!!!

The leaves on the tree are a little crunchy, but it's literally just cooking in this weather. With record breaking heat, drought and wind, it's amazing that anything is surviving at all. Speaking of surviving...check out the ranch page for an update on the garden and the worms!!!!

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