November 4, 2011

The Real Me

Today you only get a portion of it! I go to work most days in heels, slacks and a shirt, some jewelry on and makeup, I've been in the habit of not really fixing my hair, but I'm working on that. My coworkers see me in this outfit, except on Fridays when I get to wear my jeans and boots! People in town that see or work with me on a daily basis and read my blog can't believe I'm the same person. Yet the people who have been to the house and work cattle with us, laugh when they see me in my 'work' clothes. What do I consider my work clothes, well Monday - Friday between 7 am - 5:30 pm, heels, slacks the whole deal. Every evening and weekend: boots, jeans and shirt that's not too nice to get dirty!

What's the real me - the country girl, ranch wife, mother of two, who's not afraid to get dirty or go hunting for a coyote in heels! It's a mix of both! Everybody has many sides to their days and life in general. Some people know us for one side, the other side and few know us for the real person. I'm thankful to have a mother and a husband strong enough to support the many sides of our lives! There will be more about this in the future, the real me! What is the real you?

Real the fashion page, you'll get a laugh out of it.

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