November 30, 2011

What Was I Thinking

I took yesterday off, a much needed day of crazy catch-up..or so I thought. It started off with a change of my original schedule...then taking kids to the sitter and school. Off schedule already I postponed my shower till I got home. Thinking back now I know why so many moms wear their sunglasses to drop their kids off. Continuing.. On this track I would be home by eight, showered and dressed by 8:30 then on to my growing list of items to get done, then Lions club for lunch, a few errands around town and back to the list in the afternoon.

But on my way home I realize a neighbor has cows out, they were two miles up the road...sitting in our entrance I debated. Do I go help? Or do I mind my own business? In our world, if MY cows are out and I am not in distress, leave me alone. I know them, call them by name, yell at them and know exactly what makes them tick. Some times help just gets in the way. But this time I felt the need to bring up there rear. So four miles later I am following a nice herd of cows back to their hot-fenced pasture. Once all are in the neighbor pulls up, rolls down the window, looks at me and asks if I am Ryan's wife. I answer yes, good luck in keeping your cows in...blah, blah, blah, tell him it's my day off happy to help. I know that I am not dressed for the occasion to begin with.

I sort of put my hair on top of my head, had on a t-shirt with a zip up jacket trying to hide the fact that I was too lazy to put on a bra! Heck I made the kids pumpkin muffins and it was my day off. I am in wind pants - the kind that you wear over your jeans, which are a size too big and rolled at the waste...and flip-flops. Yes I got out of the truck and yelled at the cows. They even looked at me like I was crazy. But after returning home and looking in the mirror I realized I had not taken all the mascara off from the night before and I look like I have at least one good black eye. WHAT WAS I THINKING. No wonder he asked very politely if I was Ryan's wife...thinking in his head, that can't be her!

I have now twice told Ryan to never let me leave the house like that again. This morning, he informs me I've done it multiple times. I'm never doing that again... I documented my day off but this story was just too good to miss!

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