February 15, 2012

Guest Post - The Book, A Great Teacher & More!!!

“Write about it by day and dream about it by night.” – E. B. White

For those that have not heard the latest – Katy is a published author. (Proud, so proud of her!) Her new book “Where’s My Cowboy Hat” will be available very soon and is now available for pre-purchase throughTate Publishing and the fun begins! I can honestly say that this book has been a major undertaking, from the ground up. Tate Publishing took a big chance and it will pay off! If you know Katy, she is like a snapping turtle when a thunderstorm approaches, when she gets an idea, she doesn’t let go. She formulated this idea that she wanted to write a children’s book, a book that has some purpose, some little message. Of course, I didn’t really realize what she was going to do with that idea, much less that she would be published, but she had my support, even if I’m her proof reader for the most part or sounding board.

Katy has always had the ability to write and a lot of credit needs to be given to Kay Hesby. Kay was Katy’s high school English/Literature/Speech teacher and was able to carve out Katy’s abilities in writing and speaking, hence the reason Katy went on to a degree in Communications. Thank you Kay for instilling in Katy that she can do this.

I can’t tell you the numerous possibilities she has formulated in her mind, or on scraps of paper, small little napkins, meeting agendas, sale catalogs, torn paper sacks, the back of anything is safe ground for writing down her thoughts. I know she has lost many of these ideas because they never make it back to a safe spot and I’ve asked her many times why she doesn’t write in her laptop, and she just says it’s not the same. You can tell that this is serious when I got a phone call and I hear her walking across a parking lot and she is spouting off titles of her next book, next series, or next character even before the first book has been accepted for publishing – and I really can’t hear her for the hurricane force winds that she is walking in, but I agree with her and then click - she is gone on to other things in her busy day.

There will be more books in the future, sometimes based on her childhood and her family life with Ryan, Tate and Tana, names will be familiar to some of you, you might see a similarity here and there. For most of us, we will sit back and enjoy the ride with Katy where dreams do come true, even for a snapping turtle.

(I look at the cover of the book many times, because to any author, when your name is in print – it actually means something.) Katy will begin scheduling dates and will have a shipment of books in soon, for now here is the link to order it online. -Lee Ann Scasta

Where's My Cowboy Hat? by Katy Williams | ISBN # 978-1-61862-208-2 | Tate Publishing

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