October 27, 2010

The Exterminator

Tana the exterminator...yes...bugs!!!! Our precious little darling loves bugs, and that is fine with me. She loves to catch/mash anything that fits in her hand or under her foot. Sunday evening she grabbed the dust pan and it's small broom and managed to catch even cricket in the house and dump them in the trash. I even helped her find them. How amazing!!!! She's been a little dramatic for a few days, no one is sure why...but I've began telling her to hold me too, she doesn't understand. But she is talking a lot and putting sentences together. She put her foot in Ryan this morning and as he groans she said I'm sorry. She told me bless you after I sneezed and all sorts of other things.

She asks for Tate every night and tonight we get to pick Tate up and have dinner with wonderful friends. We are all very excited that our new lives allow us to do these things...but of course that means we will be filling water and feeding what we can during lunch!!!

We had a first freeze last night and won't get very warm...or so they say. The house was only down to 66 last night and we know it won't be long before we have to start the wood burning stove...and for all you weinnies out there....we have not turned on our heater yet!!!

Hope all is well in everyone else's worlds!!!

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