October 12, 2010

Where to Begin

I have no idea where to start to catch up. My grandparents came to visit, got to play with the kids, watch Tate play football and take a scenic trip to a place we lease. They inspected the pens and we shared stories on how they built the ranch they have. When you sit back and think about every hole to be dug, all the concrete, pipe and panels, hanging gates, moving rocks, installing lights, and staying sane...it's amazing. As Ryan and I say, we are on a five year plan...he wants everything done in five years, we are two years into it and sadly I don't think you ever quit building or improving. Next step on our list...find more land. Tana has gone from one quirky thing to another...instead of wanting a piggy back ride we now do the choo choo. She grabs your hands behind your back and you march around going chuga chuga chuga choo choo. She loves it.

She still loves the animals and thinks everyone she meets should see the moos. This morning's new words: meat and clock.

The weather is getting cooler and we have projects to get done before winter....and I have set a huge goal of making 100 necklaces in the next few weeks. Hopefully if I don't get too busy I will post pictures, there will be some beautiful ones!!!!

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