November 30, 2010

This and That

Tate helped put up the Christmas tree on Saturday morning, it was so much fun...then Tana helped decorate!!! We had a very specific way of unpacking the ornaments...mommy's and Tana's. So some ornaments, those that are not breakable, Tana was allowed to take to "her" tree. She made a pile and when I was done with the big tree I helped her place all the ornaments on the tree and then we put it in her and Tate's room. It is too cute and she is so proud of it. When the kids got home yesterday Tana went straight to it like she needed to show Tate what she had done.

We now have two dogs. I still fully believe that Bunk, our 75 pound Catahoula is the best dog in the world...but Red, a Red Border Collie is pretty good too. They are both super protective of Tana, one on each side all the time. They both like to eat cats and make one heck of a team running calves through the fence...okay okay we are working on that part!!!! But both girls got to come in the house Saturday afternoon and Bunk even got a bath so should could sleep in the house. (Bunk slept in the house and was very spoiled just until Tana was born and then she was confined to her kennel outside.) A few of you have seen our house, it is small, just everything that we need, but we have a very small corner shower. If you can imagine me and Bunk in the shower it happened!!! All I could think when I finally got her in there was don't bit me. She's never actually bit...just nipped!!! Anyway, it was successful, Bunk was a clean, wet smelling dog when we were done. And she lasted inside until 2:30 until I kicked her out!

Tana enjoys chasing cats, she's learned from many of us that they are a nuisance, and not supposed to venture near the house. So often when nothing else calms her we go outside and kick at the cats!!! That sounds terrible. But the other evening we loaded wood in the back of the gator and Tana had brought along her small broom. Her project was the keep the cats away!!!!

How do you know when a bird is dead???? When the feathers stick to your windshield.

There are many more stories, but I can only remember the most recent. I am going to try very hard to post every day, either about what I've cooked or stories we have!!!

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