November 30, 2010


I often wonder how so many great women are able to keep up with the stories over a few day period and still report on them. I also wish I could post to the blog more often, I have wonderful recipes and great stories that I think everyone should hear.

Last week I made a broccoli, cheese, chicken casserole...using left over cheese dip with rotel tomatoes. It was to die for!!! Maybe I will make it again and write the recipe down!

Two weekends ago I made stuffed pork chops. And not the way you are thinking. I had several very thin pork chops and just smooshed them down even more, layered thinly sliced jalapenoes, onions and a slice each of cream cheese and cheddar cheese; secured them with a toothpick and baked them. WOW. They were awesome.

Last week I received 150 pounds of the most delicious potatoes from Colorado and have I had fun experiementing with them. For several days we ate potatoes three times a day, so now we're slowing it down. But this morning I started another pot of potato soup in the crock pot and will continue to do so daily and freeze it. Nothing better on a cold day when there's no time to cook than homemade potato soup.

The kids got fresh chocolate muffins for dessert last night, what a treat since dessert is very rare! We will try baked chicken bites with cheesy potatoes...baken beans...maybe a banana sliced up...fresh bread that is on the floor rising at the moment...and the rest of the muffins!!!!

What a dream life is when you get to do the things you love...and that's all after 5:00. One side note, in the dark Ryan and I moved the rest of the steers to the pens to be hauled to the sale today. Who says you can't be productive in the dark. We actually think it worked better that way, they followed the gator with me whooping at them and shaking the bucket. Ryan was back up just in case the broke and headed up the road to the entrance!!! Those are the days I think we need gates!!!! Another post will come soon, there are just too many great stories that happen on the ranch each day.

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