November 22, 2010

The Weekend

We had the best weekend ever...cleaned house, cooked a huge meal and played with the kids. It was Saturday night and I looked at Ryan and said this is what I'm good at. I'm a good mother, wife, housekeeper, etc. We both laughed. Tana is again in what I refer to as the puppy stage. We write on things, throw things, stomp our feet, etc., but with more discipline I think we will survive. She even spent some time alone in her room!!! Except for the brief moment when we got in trouble for throwing puzzle pieces at Tate, they had to put the puzzle up and Tana returned with her tiny little finger pointed just like she's seen us do and said, "bad, bad, bad," to Tate, as if he was the reason they had to put the puzzle up. I have to try really hard not to laugh!!! She is a spitting image of me, combined with some of her father's great assets!!!! Love you honey.

She also repeats everything and not all words come out right, kind of like when she's standing on the couch saying SIT....she adds an extra letter.

After a wonderful weekend, Ryan and I watched a few moments of TV a usual last night, only to flip to the American Music Awards with the very young guy was accepting an award. Poor kid, he comments he's thankful to be where he is since he's from the smallest town in the world of 30,000. Ryan and I froze, come on kid, 30,000 is a big city compared to Perryton, much lesss Thedford, Nebraska!!!!

Only other projects completed were painting and re-wiring the new trailer. What a great investment and it looks fantastic!!! Good job honey!

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