January 17, 2011

Game On

To the rest of the world, I am a very competitive person, not just at sports or other games in life, but at being the best, being my best, challenging myself in every aspect and coming out on top. I will practice anything to get as close to perfect as possible, I will take a breath at the exact time to make an accurate shot. When I was a child I would write my spelling words over and over and over. I would do math problems on a chalk board in my room. When we built our bunkhouse, I would measure and re-measure on framing the walls (I only made one mistake and heck that added 4 inches in the closet so I can't complain). I am not perfect nor do I strive for perfection, but to be the best I can possibly be at whatever I set my mind to. Housekeeping and laundry are not that important!!! I could hear my husband in the back of my brain talking for a moment... But the game is always on!!!

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