January 10, 2011

Quality Time

Yesterday I finally got to spend some quality time with my husband, we went grocery shopping and ate lunch. We also realized we must do this more often!!!! Also over the weekend Ryan has invented "wife repellent" you know, like bear spray...and don't even ask what it contains.

After watching old tapes, we watched an episode of Sarah Palin's Alaska. Have I mentioned yet, how much i would LOVE to travel to Alaska and spend time with her. Anyway, their definition of vegetarian - old Indian word for poor hunter. I LOVE IT!!!! Ryan and I looked at each other and without saying anything I got up and wrote it down. We also had a whole list of people we thought we needed to share that with!

Definitely having winter weather at the moment, so much so, Ryan brought Tana and I to town. I should say that I love that he is so concerned...but actually know he doesn't want me out driving the "truck" or "his dream truck" in this weather. But he was nice enough to pick me up for a quick lunch.

Be careful out there!!!

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