February 2, 2011

Dear Readers

It is flippin cold...here are pictures from yesterday. This would be on my trip home at lunch yesterday, at the county road that leads to our entrance a few miles down. This would be how the snow blows side ways across fields...darn farmers.

And speaking of farmers...this is what happens when they have weeds along their borders...they uproot and blow into my fence. I can't wait for a south wind so this will blow back to where they came from!!!

I always said I would NEVER be a FARMER'S WIFE. I know that there are many of you out there and some of you are great people. But I have a tendency to stress internally at a high rate of speed. Yes, with cattle you have to pray for rain, sun, grass, etc., but that whole thing of praying to the weather god every day for a crop to make, and hope for no hail, etc., I have no desire to be in that kind of a business...

So how cold is it...cold. This morning Tana and I prepared for our shower as usual...getting all soapy with bubbles, etc., just about when the water quit coming out of the faucet. So what do you do when you are all soapy and have no water...good luck. I wiped both of us off with a dry towel, then we wrapped in towels, wrapped Tana in a blanket over that, handed her chocolate milk and she watched cartoons. I put more wood on the fire and thought the easiest solution would be to wipe down with baby wipes. WRONG, that caused the foamy bubbles to appear again. So I got dressed and sprayed with a lot of body spray, put Tana in her pajamas and she's going to take a bath today at the babysitters!! Thank you Marcy!! I did dry my hair though, it's disgusting...soapy hair and a blow dryer do not mix well. But the only other choice was to have wet hair and did I mention it is flippin cold.

Life goes on, this was not an event to get upset over and we laugh and learn from it. In the meantime my wonderful husband has reported that the water is on and working, no fears. He's even going to start the dishwasher for me...did I mention I loaded it and cleaned up the sink and my hands with disinfectant wipes. Today I am thankful for baby wipes and disinfectant wipes!! You made my morning so much better!!!

Have a great day to everyone out there, stay warm and every day when I think it's cold here I think of my cousin a few hours north, although our wind chills are very close...I know he's much colder every morning!! We love you Andy.

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