February 22, 2011

Full Belly

Some days there is nothing more important than a full belly, be it me, you, kids, cows, etc. Tana is a picky eater and Tate is just about the same. Only difference is you can tell Tate to take three bites and you have to make Tana try it and before you know it she will continue eating. Our family loves fish sticks, yep, good old ground up fish, shaped into small sticks and baked to a crisp. Once my grandmother (who I have learned so much from over all the years) came to visit and bought tilapia sticks. WOW!!! That was special for us, because usually it's whatever is on sale.

Last night we had a menu consisting of fish sticks, mashed potatoes and rolls. Okay, not the most well balanced meal, but if the kids eat, fix it!!! Tate ate a record of 13 fish sticks, Tana had at least 6 too!!! And they both ate the mashed potatoes.

The trick is, how do you get home, get dinner on the table and feed the animals. Well I had a plan last night. Peeled and diced the potatoes and put them in a pot of water, threw the fish sticks in the oven, and went outside to feed and water. And my secret ingredient, lots of prayer. Please don't let the water boil over, please don't let the fish sticks burn!!! And voila, it all turned out fantastically. We topped it all off with a late night snack of popcorn too!

There's just nothing better than a home cooked meal and family time!!!

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