March 9, 2011

A Big One

Today is a big one, I've had pictures to post and things to write with so little time to sit down!!!

First, this morning did not start off so well, maybe just a little frustrating...then I sent myself a fax. Who does that? I was testing the new machine and thought how better to see if it goes through, well was busy, because it was the same line trying to dial and receive. Okay, moving on now.

This was the drawing on the chalkboard a few days ago. Tana wants me to sit and draw for her and I'm often in a hurry or we go from animal to animal, but this one stayed up for a while. Or maybe should couldn't erase it without her stool. Anyway, I originally had the brand on the shoulder, and Ryan erased it and put a big one on the hip. Too funny. It looks like a cow/anteater breed!!!

There are lots of new pictures under family and the ranch that I've been needing to upload, even a new one under food too!!!

This is the nightly scene in the living room. A fire in the wood burning stove with this awesome fan on top that runs off of heat. We do have a small heater that is sometimes turned on in the kids' bedroom, but this is our main source of heat!!!

Hope all is well with everyone else, I have pictures that I want to take and share with you...including Hamburger's extremely long whiskers and chin hair. I noticed them last night while he was sucking down three bottles!!!

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