April 21, 2011


That's how Tana pronounces camera!!! She has now realized (ever since I made a really big deal over her first bicycle ride), that I'll take pictures of her at any time! After feeding the animals last night, she pulled out both her Radio Flyer Tricycle and her Huffy Bicycle (with training wheels) and pointed to the driver side door of the truck telling me cammarah. She wanted me to get the camera out before she started riding! Too cute, she's a mess.

I must report, the small wind the other night, the shower the next night and possibly the rabbits have taken a toll on the pepper plants. It's so sad I couldn't even take a picture. I'll check them tonight and report more later.

My mother-in-law makes a killer spaghetti pie and even though she won't touch it, makes several for us to take home! Thank you! And while I would love to share the recipe with you...I won't. It's going to be one that stays with us for a while, besides why would I want the recipe, she makes it!!!! There are just some things other people do better. Or maybe it just tastes better because I didn't spend the day in the kitchen cooking!

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