April 20, 2011

Foam Rollers & Sprinkles

My hair is getting rather long and it usually winds up under Ryan's head or in my arm pit before the night is over. So I had brilliant idea of purchasing foam rollers and rolling my hair. I slept great! But it wasn't until I began unrolling my hair this morning that I realized I made a big mistake. There is absolutely nothing you can do with this much hair that looks like it had a bad perm. Oh well, tomorrow is another day, not sure that I will ever be able to get my hair straight again!

It sprinkled last night!!!! How exciting, we didn't receive much snow this year, and have had no rain. While it was only enough to cover the dirt, here are a few pictures!

Yes I took pictures of the sprinkles and tiny droplets that fell off the building. We were so excited.

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