April 18, 2011

Skint Knees, Pretty Dresses and Baby Calves

Tana is a spitting image of me, I guess it's time to admit it. She's a graceful as I am, can trip over a shadow, a rock, you name it. And that's exactly what she did on Saturday when we arrived at the church before the Ball-Williams wedding. And no, they were no relation to me. She tripped on the nicely paved parking lot, and skint her knee. It bled, but one of the bridesmaids had band aids. Tana and the Ball family have prepared for this special day for so long. The pretty dresses have been hanging in the house, the shoes in boxes and baskets ready. So the day came and Tana was so excited, she was so proud of her dress, her sparkly shoes and her skint knee. She showed it to everyone she knew.

She was beautiful. But while I spent the day following her around...I took no pictures, so I do hope that someone took a picture so that I can show it off.

Sunday we spent time with the cows, moving panels, counting calves and preparing for a load of yearlings coming in this week. Tana is very brave, she shows not much fear while walking amongst cows and groups of baby calves. She just wishes one would stand still long enough for her to pet them. She's so sweet, and when she does get scared she hides in the creep feeder and watches the calves watch her.

We also moved a small set of heifers to help eat the weeds on one of our pastures. Tana and I went down first and arranged gates, turned on water and tied the gates I wasn't strong enough to close. She loved watching the water trough fill up...she was actually dropping rocks in, but in the weather we have had, that won't hurt a thing. Later Ryan came down with the feed truck with heifers following. Tana stood at the water trough forever, until she looked up and saw a heifer staring at her. Ryan and I saw the whole thing, and while many parents would immediately pick up their child and run. That's just not us. We know our cattle, raised these girls and Tana helps feed every day. But the look on her face was priceless as she realized she hadn't moved or looked up in a while!

The garden is improving! 32 Jalapeno plants were not so gently planted last night. Tana helped! Half of them were uprooted in the containers and shoved in the dirt, the other half were beat with a small scoop. Will work on getting the rest of the plants this week and hope to have an updated picture soon!!!

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