May 17, 2011

Catch Up

Playing catch up. Too much to tell, too short of time to tell it in. My sidekick, Tana, loves to help! Clean, mop, sweep, feed cows, cook, do laundry, you name it and she wants to do it. So don’t spoil it and tell her that cleaning isn’t fun!

Sunday I stepped on a piece of barb wire in the pen (where it’s not supposed to be). And after a small gash on my thigh (the piece was four foot long), Tana was very concerned. The blood dribbled down my leg and she says, “Momma hurt, momma hurt.” I assured her I was not hurt, blotted the blood and rubbed on it. Then I asked her if she wanted to feel it. That’s the first time I’ve asked her to do anything and I got a really disgusted look back. Long story short…she skinned her knee a few moments later. She was pulling on my finger and I wasn’t hanging on, so when she let go, she went flying across some rough concrete at the horse barn. With tears streaming down her checks I ask, “Tana does it hurt?” She says, “No.” And my heart broke. She say my gash and that I wasn’t hurt so she was being a tough little girl. And that’s exactly how I’ve raised her. To put her shoes back on and walk to the house, to lift the bucket she put too much feed in, to pull the water hose and help water. She’s more than a two-year-old, more than a little girl, she’s my sidekick!!!

Tate is playing baseball; we’ve been busy, too busy actually. The animals have to get fed, the water filled up and the garden tended to, and we’ve had some late nights. So tonight we’re having a super easy dinner: crescent rolls with hot dogs in them. I roll the dog up in the crescent roll and back until very well done. I seem to have issues with hot dogs unless they are black and crunchy!!! We then dip in whatever – mustard or ketchup. Super easy, super fast and not much cleanup!

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