June 21, 2011

Fence Work

Daily life on a ranch will include fence work, stretching wire, t-post clips, setting corners, painting, and on and on. Tana and I did fence work Sunday morning. Checked two pastures, every post, replaced clips, wired posts we set two years ago and just hadn't gotten back to them. Just the regular thing. The first pasture was rather easy...the second wasn't. Every post needed something. This had been the pasture we held Bubba the bull in, and it seems that he rubbed on everything. Wires broken, posts moved, clips missing, you name it.

So on the gator, with Tana helping me drive, we stop at every post and get out, fix it, drive a little way. It was rather exhausting. We watched Bunk chase rabbits. At one post Tana began to pick the pretty purple petals out of the thistle. I told her not to touch it, but of course that doesn't work...so then she gets mad at it, assuming it poked her, and she kicked it, which only made matters worse. She then had tiny little dots all over her leg where it really poked her. A few cuts, scrapes, blisters later, it was time for Tana's nap. She didn't fight at all and slept for three hours. So the cure to a grumpy child is lots of fence work!!!!

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