July 29, 2011

Ranch Yards

Around a busy ranch yards are usually not the priority. You might find yards of dead grass, parking lots, storage areas, dog kennels, you name it. But not us, Ryan decided three years ago we would have a yard, a real, green, grassy yard. A little background on our place, it was once a wheat field, planted to grass. So it's not the good old fashion pasture, we have grass clumps and we have dirt, and right now large cracks. We had to start from the beginning with planting grass seed, watering, weeding, mowing and repeat. Last year for Mother's Day I received six trees and dug the holes and planted them. (Those trees died during the winter but have new seedlings coming up from the ground) This year for Mother's Day I received a bag of grass seed and ten bags of dirt. So I planted grass. I love to mow, always have!

We even have our own sprinkler system, it's called move the small sprinkler in a pattern every ten minutes until the whole yard has been watered! It was really cheap! I've always been a conservative person, not wanting to waste, especially water. But I've changed. If the farmer down the road can flood irrigate so much that it travels three ditches away...I'm sure I'm not wasting much by watering the yard. And I don't feel guilty, because one I push mow it and get a great workout, and two I bag it and feed it to the cows!!!

The small shower we received last night was a blessing, just enough to keep the dirt from blowing, but nothing near what we need! Let's hope more will be coming soon.

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