August 18, 2011

Heels in the Pasture

The other day I had a 50 minute break in the evening before returning to work for a I decided to go home, see Ryan and Tana, fix them something to eat, the usual thing. Instead the owners of a cow and calf that were discovered in our pasture that morning came to claim her. The drove to their place for a truck and trailer and Ryan attempted to pen them with the gator...well there was a reason that cow was out. She was crazy!!!! With a full audience Ryan ropes the back leg of the cow...I'm about a quarter mile away and see him running behind her. A quick trip in the feed truck across the pasture and Tana and I come to his rescue, tying the cow to the ball. Her owners drove through the pasture and we successfully loaded her into the trailer. In the meantime the calf crawled through the fence and was trotting down the county road. The whole time I was still in my dress clothes and heels. That was a first for me, loading a cow in the pasture in heels! (We never saw the calf again so hopefully they caught it too!)

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