September 1, 2011

Changing Seasons

Okay don't call me crazy, I know it was 106 yesterday, but I can just feel fall around the corner. The seasons are changing, the night time weather is different, and I have such cute winter clothes! And the topping on the cake that the seasons are changing...drumroll...we made our first pot of coffee this morning. We are only seasonal coffee drinkers, but after running several pots of water and dusting the coffee pot off, we set the automatic timer last night. Even better, I already rinsed it all out, filled it with water and grounds and it's ready for tomorrow. When the seasons change I sure hope it brings rain. I usually mow and bag the small yard we've kept alive, but this weekend....the cream of the crop cows get turned out. If I can only keep them from eating the few trees we have left...they will surely enjoy the green grass and I will have less to push mow!

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