January 13, 2012

My Home Office...in a Trunk

Last fall I found a trunk on Pinterest and fell in love with the idea of having files and my 'home office' in the trunk!

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What a fabulous idea right! At Christmas while unloading the presents and packages...there was a trunk in the van. Long story short - I came across a trunk many years ago that was in terrible condition, I actually thought it might have made the trash...but my Grandfather was able to clean it up, put all new parts on it and make it look fabulous!

We moved it in the bedroom and my work began!

Filing box #1 - Cattle - each animal has it's own file, with an original worksheet, update sheets, papers, medical records, etc. We have always been very good about keeping up with the cattle - but never like this. These file boxes are also waterproof, so they can go outside.

This is our original sheet - from tag number, tag color (because there are many), dam, sire, history, future and notes!

Filing box #2 - bills, receipts, taxes and important files.

Storage boxes - there are two - and they will be full soon with all of the stuff laying around the house!

Second storage box.

These are awesome plastic boxes, big enough for a few files, notepad, pens, etc. - and handy enough to carry to the squeeze chute! There are two of these - one for me and one for Ryan!

Here's a picture of the whole thing - I have a lot to add and organize but this is my start.

I have a few gadgets that we'd like to add to our family and computers, etc - this will be the storage place for it all - pens, pencils, tape...our 'home office'.

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  1. Awesome! I can't wait to find a chest!