January 16, 2012

Our First Remodel - The Tack Room

Yes, we built and moved in the barn and bunkhouse in 2008 and we are already on our first remodel...the tack room. For those who haven't seen it, it was nice, everything had a spot and it was pretty organized, but dirty. Trying to save money in the beginning we did not insulate the tack room, and it's not sealed up as well as it could be.

Late Saturday night we tore everything off of two walls, moved it out of the tack room or piled it up on the other side, and here's what we had:

A blank slate to work with, a crowded corner:

And junk piled all over!

After adding more 2x4's and insulation this is what we had around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. By last night we had hung plywood and the saddles had been blown off with the air compressor and found a new home in this corner. 

The bits, reins and ropes were hung as well. Step 2 will be finishing the opposite wall - adding cabinets and a really nice workspace for Ryan! I can't wait to show you more soon!!!

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