March 13, 2012

Never Enough Daylight

So the time changed and we should have more daylight in the evenings, except we seem to find more things to fill the increase in daylight. I don't really remember daylight savings time as a kid, some days you woke up and it was daylight and others it was dark. As an adult, all time is so much more valuable. One of my 2012 resolutions was to get more organized. I can put a big check mark by that. The bills and receipts are filed and the cattle folders are up to date. When running errands I make a list, check it twice and try to complete it in the most efficient way. Now we have a list to write groceries down when we think about them, not just throw a list together when we're out of everything. And being out of everything happens often at our house, I still can't figure out how that happens!

Later this week I'll share with you my three-week meal planning sheet. Whether it be leftovers, fresh foods or things from the freezer, I like to know in advance what we'll be eating. And if plans change then I use that meal on another date. It is done in pencil!!! I never plan for breakfast or lunch during the week, I always have things for muffins, pancakes, hard boiled eggs, toast, oatmeal and the simple things. And if I get to go home I eat leftovers. But we always have a big breakfast on the weekends!!! Other areas I'm working on, organizing my time and chores around the ranch, and organizing my thoughts when it comes to writing. I recently found a story I never even knew I wrote, yikes!

I hope that everyone is enjoying the extra daylight but I'm sure you fill it just like we do.

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