May 17, 2012

Guest Post - Scorpions in Central Texas

This is from my mom!!!

This is the time of year that you looked forward to spring flowers, green pastures, full tanks, warmer temps and...either snakes or scorpions. We either have a lot of snakes, or multitudes of scorpions, can’t figure out which is worse. We have a few horror stories to be told but the funniest was when Katy was opening her birthday present last year at her home in the Panhandle. She opened the box to find a scorpion that had traveled hundreds of miles to see her. The grandchildren were fascinated and had to find a jar to catch it in! It looked something like this:


After many, many years of getting stung and fighting the scorpions in and around the house, we have finally found something that works! We have caught 29 in the past 6 weeks on glue boards like this – believe me, we counted them and I can attest to the fact that it does work.

We now purchase by the case, just be aware that anything sticks to them – boots and small animals for sure! -Lee Ann Scasta

I can attest to the high numbers of critters around their house. Growing up my parents would keep count on the number of snakes they killed each year. Many of you know that our war on these critters runs deeper than them just being a nuisance because my Aunt encountered one in her garden almost ten years ago. She won, but is a living story of the impact a snake bite can have. Now my parents are declaring war on scorpions so that their grandkids don't turn them into science experiments when they visit this summer!!!!

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