May 23, 2012

My Typical Evening

...After Work!

I leave my office pretty promptly because my day has just begun when 5:00 comes around. After picking the kids up, we call Ryan, see what his schedule is, if he has a meeting, going to be late or if he's headed home. We arrive home around 5:40 and it's a mad dash to get everything done. I have to change clothes and often Tana thinks she does too. First we turn on all the water sprinklers to the new trees we've planted. Then we head to the barn to get everything fed. The cows, maybe feed in the creep feeder, the horses, plus pitchforking hay. Hopefully we don't have to put out bales, we try to get that done on the weekend. Tana is responsible for feeding the cats. Then the dogs are let out and fed. In between this I've figured out what's for dinner and if there is any homework.

We've probably moved water a few times and tiddied up the barn. The kids are fed, showered and ready for bed. I water the garden and check for new blooms or the progress of the first squash on the plant! At any point in time Ryan has now arrived home and we work on any projects he has. Last night he built me a new flower bed and then we filled it with the most lush manure ever from the cow pen. I'm sure those flowers will take off one planted. This is a Lulu and Tana project this weekend, so I'll have another post about this flower bed. Kids are in bed. Ryan and straighten stuff up in the shop, I do a load of laundry, load the dishes and then we sit on the front porch. We've stuck with this habit and for good reasons, it's quiet, and it's our only alone time. I say alone sarcastically, because 6 out of 7 evenings a week his phone rings!!!! After showers and a little TV time we head to bed too.

This cycle repeats itself...but guess the near future I will be arriving at home a little earlier and am hoping we can squeeze more fun into the evenings!!!

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