February 24, 2014

New House and New Projects

Honestly - it has been a long time since I've been able to share. So much has happened around the ranch. We moved from the 920 sq ft bunkhouse to our new house:

Yes the house is finished, well 99.8 percent, we have a few more small projects to do and plant grass! We are truly enjoying more space and not all sharing a tiny bathroom. I love spending time in the kitchen and having Tana at the counter. She wants to learn to cook and actually made a pie this weekend with the help of me opening the can of and using the mixer!

We truly feel like we have opened a new book to our lives. New book, new beginning and it comes with both it's challenges and rewards. Since the house is finished we have moved on to other projects. More fence work, painting the bunkhouse and getting it ready for available lodging, and tending to the herd, which should begin to calve in March. Not that we aren't always excited about our children, but looking forward to calving season is exciting. We bought a bull this year and can't wait to see what his offspring turns out like. Plus we bought several straws of semen and have a great breeding plan for this year.

I plan to post more often and also share some of our favorite things about the house, and some things we would do differently, where the inspiration came from and that it is our mini-museum of artwork, collectibles and unique decorations! Also watch as we finish the outside and double our garden size this year!

I'm also posting on several other pages here, so look around, pay attention and keep checking as there are lots of plans and projects in our near future!

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  1. What a beautiful house in such an awe inspiring part of the country. Growing up, I always dreamt of living in a log cabin like the one on this ranch. I can only imagine they involve a lot of work. The picture is so beautiful, it paints daydreams of breathtaking sunsets and long nature walks, all while being able to enjoy a comfortable family home.

    Wilbert Bowers @ Mirr Ranch Group