March 11, 2014

Brand in the Oven

We are mid-way through  remodel project of our bunkhouse. All that we lack is the bathroom and painting one bedroom. As Ryan says, he had to move me out of the bunkhouse for it to be so clean. I think painting in general makes a room feel clean.

I chose the colors of the bunkhouse while 5-6 months pregnant, and I can't say they were all great. We've gone back to neutral colors and will be collecting decoration items again.

So why is the bran in the oven? I can't tell yet, but it was too priceless. While working on a project in the kitchen we needed our branding iron, so the oven seemed like the safest place to keep it. I'll update you all tomorrow on the before and after of the kitchen!

Please excuse the rather dirty oven - that is one place that didn't get cleaned very often but was well used.

Updating some of the other pages as well!

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