March 13, 2014

Bunkhouse Before & After

There is almost no need for words on this post. The 900 square foot bunkhouse served its purpose, moved us to our land, and raised our children for a five years. The time came to build a house and we moved out. Here it is just before repainting.
And here it is now! Same cabinets, except we branded the corner one, see the brand in the oven. The oven got a new coat of paint and the walls a new color. It looks amazing.

We have a few more small projects left, but our first guests (family) arrive today. It smells brand new and actually shines! For those of you who know how much I love to cook - can you believe I did it all on that half-size stove and four foot of countertop!

I will be taking more pictures of the bunkhouse soon. It is two bedroom (one with a queen and one with a twin size trundle bed), with plenty of space to add a blow up mattress and a 3/4bath. So for anyone that plans on passing through Perryton, contact me for more information!

Check out a few of the other pages today too!

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