June 18, 2010

If you have a Weak Stomach...This is Not For You

We've had a tragedy on the ranch, we lost Tana's favorite cat, Tabby, a couple of days ago. Tabby was a virtual cat, not domesticated, but would entertain Tana through the windows. They would pretend to have a petting session through the glass, it was priceless. Needless to say Tabby must have decided to take a nap in Ryan's truck, haha, he thinks it was my truck and is probably right!!!! She lost her life and last night I had to move her off the road. The grossest most unimaginable thing happened when I picked her up by the tail. It was all I could do not to loose it...and I do not have a weak stomach. We've gone from 10+ cats to two adults and four kittens. I will fight Ryan on this, but I will begin domesticating the kittens so that Tana can have another virtual cat. Although now she makes this psstting noise when she's around cats and she kicks her leg at them, so maybe it's better off that we don't have any that are pets. As she would only chase them around and they would think they were being punished!!!! It's a shame that Ryan and Tate are allergic to them as I remember having many great memories of my cats when I was young!! I even fought a cat over a bird that I shot with my bb gun!!!!

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